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Queer Community Support

This group will provide a safe space to explore, reflect, listen, be heard, express and find support through community in our journey as a queer person. Navigating oppressive systems can lead to a sense of isolation which we challenge with safety, love, presence and care.
Anindita Kundu (She/They) is a certified Trauma therapist from The Trauma Research Foundation, Boston USA, and a Certified Queer Affirmative Psychotherapist, Mariwala Health Initiative. They have a Masters in Applied Psychology from University of Mumbai and have been working in the field for 9+ years. They work largely with folx navigating various forms of systemic oppression based on gender, sexuality, and political/ social justice, folx with trauma experiences and chronic pain.
  • August 2021
  • 5pm IST
  • 12 people
  • INR 300